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Lifelong Publisher provides unique tools and features that are not available by any other software providers. These tools and features makes it easy for a funeral home to create personalized products that will take your results to a whole new level. Just some of these features are described as follows:

Software Features
Internet Hybrid System

Install our program onto your computers. All the work you complete is stored on our web server on the Internet. This means you can work, share and print your projects from any PC that has an Internet connection. Any of your funeral home locations or even from home. Being on our web server also means your data is secure and is backed up at all times.

Intuitive and User Friendly Interface

When you are creating your projects you simply turn the pages to work on each. This makes it easy to work with from novice users up to the most advanced users. The entire program is based on “drag and drop” technology. Simple select items and move them where you would like.

Lifelong Publisher provides 100’s of theme templates to select from. Selecting theme templates will expedite your creation process. You also have the ability to easily use your own images or family supplied images as a theme.

Graphic Tools

Lifelong Publisher provides you with tools to make it easy for you to edit images and photos to use in your projects. One of these tools is an eraser tool that will allow you to erase backgrounds from photos of the deceased. Once the background is erased you can easily move and size the photo anywhere within your project.

You can even add multiple photos to make the project even more personalized.


Lifelong Publisher provides you with a large selections of frames to use in your projects. You could use these frames with photographs or even add a matted frame look to your register book pages.

Clip Art Library

Lifelong Publisher includes a clip art library containing several thousand images for you to use with your projects. Simply select an image from the library and place it into your project.

Text Libraries

Lifelong Publisher includes text libraries that provide hundreds of prayers and poems to use in your projects. Lifelong Publisher includes a built-in word processor that allows you the ability to edit or add any text you like into the libraries. It even includes a spell checker.


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Create Your Own Unique Themes

Start with your own image or a family supplies image.

Easily merge it into the Lifelong Publisher program as a theme.

Create a completely unique theme to your funeral home or a very personalized theme for a family.