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If you purchase your personalization products from Lifelong Memories, 20% of your order amount is applied to the subscription fees for using the Lifelong Publisher software program. For example, if you purchase a minimum of $1500.00 per year of product from Lifelong Memories the use of Lifelong Publisher would be free for the year.

This gives you full access to every feature of Lifelong Publisher. In addition your projects are backed up daily on our web servers. You also have tech support with a toll free number.

If you would like to purchase your products from different companies and only wish to use the software program or if you do not purchase $1500 a year of product you can purchase a subscription to use the program.

Lifelong Publisher is licensed on a concurrent user license arrangement. This means that a license is required for each user who wishes to be simultaneously logged into the software and working on projects at the same time.

For the first initial user license the price is $24.95 per month. Each additional user license costs $9.95 per month per license.

Publisher is FREE to Use!
With an annual product purchase from Lifelong Memories
of $1500.00 or more