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Create a New Project

This option is used to create a brand new project when it is either the only project being created or the first project being created for the deceased.

Open a Saved Project

You would use this option if you have previously created a projects for the deceased and you wish to open them back up again and edit it or print it.

Delete a Saved project

Use this option if you wish to permanently remove a project from your system

Archive a Saved Project

Use this option if you wish to keep the project for possible future printing but you wish not to see it as an active project.

Unarchive a Saved project

This option is used to bring an archive project to an active project to allow you to either edit it or print the project.

Order Products

This will take you to our on-line store to order products

Manage Account Information

Edit your Account information.

This screen provides several project options for working on your projects. Each option is explained as follows: